Debunking Oscarson’s Latest 2 Lies

(Dennis Hof) – I know some people think my business is “sleazy,” but you haven’t seen real sleaze until you’ve gotten into politics!

Some politicians – like Assemblyman James Oscarson – will say and do anything.

Sometimes for money.  Sometimes for favors.  Sometimes just because it’s their nature and they can’t help themselves.  They will, as the saying goes, lie even when telling the truth would serve their purpose just as well.

So let me set the record straight on two lies Assemblyman Oscarson has been telling in recent campaign mailers and newspaper ads…

1.)  I am NOT supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

But I’m also not publicly endorsing Donald Trump or Gary Johnson.  Instead, I’m focusing on my own race and the voters and issues of Assembly District 36.

That said, there is a group of folks who work for me who did form a group to support Hillary that got a lot of media coverage.  But there’s also a competing group that was formed to support Trump.  And there are others who support Johnson.

I encourage the hundreds of people who work for my businesses to get involved in politics, no matter who they support.   It’s really sleazy to twist my support for my workers political involvement into something it’s not.

2.)  No, I do NOT have an IRS lien.

In mailers he’s sent out, Assemblyman Oscarson claims I have a $250,000 lien for unpaid taxes outstanding.  That is another a flat-out lie.

I have what is called a “Privileged License” to do business in Nevada.  If I so much as spit on a public sidewalk I could have my license revoked, let alone have an upaid tax bill of a quarter-million dollars.

To back up his claim, Oscarson simply cites “IRS Documents” – but doesn’t actually show the documents themselves.  That’s another way to know the claim is an outright lie.

Put up or shut up, James.  If you have an “IRS Document” showing I owe $250,000 in unpaid taxes, show it.  Otherwise, stop “bearing false witness.”