(Dennis Hof) – Generally speaking, I am a limited government, low-tax, pro-business, state’s rights, live-and-let-live “conservatarian.”

To advance these principles in the Nevada Legislature, when drafting, reviewing and evaluating legislation, I will ask the following questions:

1.)  Does the bill reduce government regulations, reduce the size of government, eliminate entitlements, or eliminate unnecessary programs?

2.)  Does the bill reduce taxes or fees?

3.)  Does the bill encourage responsible behavior by individuals and families and encourage them to provide for their own health, safety, education or general welfare?

4.)  Does the bill increase opportunities for individuals or families to decide, without hindrance or coercion from government, how to conduct their own lives and make personal choices?

5.)  Does the bill enhance the power of parents and guardians to rear their own children without excessive interference from the government?

That said, let me acknowledge that I am NOT as familiar with some of the issues as Assemblyman Oscarson – who has been in office for the last four years – four years too long!

But let me assure you that when considering an issue, I will consult with experts on both sides and make an informed decision that is in the best interest of the people of District 36.

And I’ll exercise better judgment than Assemblyman Oscarson has shown because I’ve had far wider and deeper “real life” experiences than he’s had.

And unlike Assemblyman Oscarson, I will keep my word once given.  If I’d broken my word the way Mr. Oscarson did on tax hikes last session, I’d be too embarrassed to run for re-election!

As of Labor Day – and despite being the incumbent – Assemblyman Oscarson didn’t even have an “Issues” page on his campaign website…


I guess when you don’t stand for anything, it’s hard to take a position, huh?

With that said, here are my positions on some of the key issues facing us.  We probably won’t agree on every issue.   And that’s OK.  But at least you’ll know where I stand.

And you’ll know that you can email me to voice your opinion and make your case at

Law and Ordera

Blue Lives Matter.

Let me repeat: Blue Lives Matter.

‘Nuff said.


I know some people still cling to the disproved notion that “more money” will fix our public schools.  It won’t.  Not by itself; not without dramatic other reforms.  Our public schools aren’t broke.  They’re broken.  It’s the system, not the funding.

Education in this state will never get measurably better until we stop worrying about the public schools and start worry about the students.   Tax dollars should follow the child, not the other way around.  Just as parents and guardians are allowed to choose their kid’s doctor or dentist, they should be allowed to choose their child’s teacher, as well.

As critical as food is to life, the government doesn’t operate statewide public grocery stores.  Instead the government provides “food stamps” so low-income families can afford to shop in privately-owned and operated grocery stores.

Similarly, low- and middle-class families need and deserve the financial assistance that will allow them to exercise the same school choice for their children as wealthy families.  So I fully support Nevada’s new “Education Savings Accounts.”

I oppose the Common Core Standards and federal data collection on our children.  There is no one-size-fits-all curriculum.  What our children are taught and how should be determined by local school boards, classroom teachers and parents.

And by the way, many teachers are still woefully underpaid.  We need to dramatically reduce the number of non-teaching “administrators” and use the savings to pay for higher teacher salaries.

There are countless issues out there regarding education.  If you have a specific question or suggestion, email me at


Politicians who raise taxes are taking the easy way out rather making the tough spending decisions and setting priorities the way you and I do for our families and businesses.

Unlike my opponent, I have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising the voters of District 36 that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes, while remaining open to revenue-neutral tax reform that shifts our state’s tax burden in a more equitable and diversified manner.

Hof.Tax Pledge

I also support a constitutional amendment closing the “Tax Hike Loophole” by requiring a 2/3 super-majority vote of the people for any tax or fee hikes the Legislature puts on the ballot, just like the present requirement for tax or fee hikes approved by the Legislature itself.

Anyone who doesn’t think they are paying enough in taxes should voluntarily pay more without forcing the rest of us who think our taxes are high enough already to pay more.

Got any other ideas or suggestions?  Shoot them to me at

Commerce Tax Repeal

Over 80 percent of voters in District 36 voted against the gross business tax that was on the ballot in 2014.  Nevertheless, my opponent broke his word to the people who elected him by voting for a similar gross business tax after promising not to.

If elected, I will support Assemblyman Ira Hansen’s proposed bill to repeal the new “commerce tax” and work with colleagues and legislative staff on alternative ways to fund the state’s necessary, effective and constitutionally permissible services and programs.

Please send any suggestions for spending cuts or areas where we can make government more efficient and less costly to


I support the creation of a permanent, joint Senate/Assembly “Anti-Appropriations Committee” in the Nevada Legislature with the sole mission of identifying non-essential, wasteful or duplicative spending and recommending their elimination.


1.)  Due to years of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site by the federal government, the residents and local governing bodies of District 36 are literally sitting on some 1.6 trillion gallons of contaminated, unusable water.   This is a ruined resource worth billions and billions of dollars.

I will vigorously push for legislation to compel the federal government to enter into talks with Nevada and the communities of Assembly District 36 and to negotiate equitable and commensurate compensation for this ruined resource.

2.)  District 36 residents face a serious problem with their water rights to usable water exceeding the annual “recharge” of our water basins.

I will support legislation that encourages water conservation through a water banking system.  The current doctrine of “use it or lose it” should be suspendable at the discretion of the Nevada State Engineer upon request of the local governing entity.

3.)  I will work to ensure that domestic well use rights of individual well owners are not sacrificed to pave the way for large scale developments, water utilities, and commercial / industrial ventures to set up shop in District 36.

4.)  While the exact mix of conservation and regulations are still to be determined, I respect the right of all existing domestic well owners to continue using their wells and will not support legislation that tries to force you to switch over to a water utility against your will.

Mr. Oscarson’s attitude seems to be, “If you like your private well you can keep your private well.”  Where have we heard such an empty political promise before?

And if Mr. Oscarson was willing to sell you out on tax hikes, what makes anyone think he wouldn’t sell out your water rights, as well, if the price was right?

Gun Rights

As the saying goes, “When seconds count, first-responders are minutes away.”

As such I am an adamant and unapologetic supporter of Nevadans’ gun rights and oppose Question 1 on the November ballot. Click here to see my responses to the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) candidate questionnaire.


And, unlike my opponent, I support 100% a campus carry law that would protect the right of licensed concealed-carry permit holders to carry their weapons on our state’s college and university campuses for self-protection.

In fact, despite touting himself as a big gun rights supporter, Mr. Oscarson was one of the infamous “Not So Great 8” who ended up voting to kill the campus carry bill in the 2015 session.  You can read all about this shameful betrayal by clicking here.

Assemblyman Oscarson says he’s pro-gun.  He also said he wouldn’t raise your taxes.  Do you really trust this man’s word when it comes to protecting your Second Amendment rights?


There’s no doubt our state and country desperately needs comprehensive immigration reform.  But the devil, as always, is in the details.

My parents immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island, so I fully support LEGAL immigration.  The question is what to do about stopping ILLEGAL immigration.  Don’t let the media continue to confuse the two.  They are entirely different issues.

Obviously, I support making our borders more secure to protect us from those trying to enter our country with the intent of doing us harm or sell illegal narcotics.  But I’m not convinced a border fence stretching across our entire southern border is realistic.  I want to see the details of any proposal.

Secondly – and I know this won’t make me popular with some of you – I do not support the calls for mass deportations of millions of people who came to this country in order to make a better life for their families.  The real fault lies with our federal government that has failed to secure the border and enforce existing immigration laws.

The big question is what to do about those folks who are already here and now a part of our communities, who have jobs, and have otherwise been law-abiding citizens.  I’m open to suggestions on how to provide them with some sort of legal status without extending them outright U.S. citizenship – unless they leave the country and come back legally.

I know this is a very touchy and emotional issue on both sides, so again, if you want to discuss this further email me at

Question 1: Gun Background Checks

I am opposed to Question 1 on the ballot this year.

The background checks that would be required for private gun sales and gun shows would be a burden on law-abiding gun owners while doing nothing to actually prevent gun-related violent crime.  It’s a “feel good” measure that hurts the good guys without stopping the bad guys who will simply ignore the law anyway.

Question 2: Legalize Recreational Marijuana

I support, with certain reservations, Question 2 on the ballot this year.

To keep marijuana illegal is to continue fueling the sale of marijuana by violent gangs and drug cartels.  Without endorsing its use, free adults in what used to be the freest state in the nation should be free to use marijuana in the privacy of their own homes without fear of arrest or fine.