As Oscarson Lies about Legal Brothel Biz, Pair of Reporters Sets Record Straight


(Team Hof) – In recent days – obviously hearing footsteps in his re-election campaign vs. Dennis Hof – Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson has been peddling lies, misinformation and outright libelous propaganda about Mr. Hof’s legal brothels.

For example, in a recent interview published by the Pahrump Valley Times, Mr. Oscarson falsely claimed that Mr. Hof “wants to recruit high school students” to “work and play” in the brothels.

Total lie.  Absolutely shameful.

Now, you can believe the manure Mr. Oscarson is shoveling – but why would you?

Or, if you’re interested, you can now get the facts from a series of in-depth articles written by a pair of seasoned, professional reporters that were published this week by Quartz Media…

It’s understandable that some people have moral objections to prostitution.  However, in Nevada it’s legal, safe, regulated and taxed – and has been for decades.

If Mr. Oscarson hates it so much, then why hasn’t he introduced a bill to outlaw it?

The man’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.