Brothel owner Hof amps up state Assembly campaign


(Mick Akers | Pahrump Valley Times) – The campaigns for Assembly District 36 are heating up as Libertarian candidate Dennis Hof’s plan is being set into motion.

Anywhere you look, Hof’s party has media slamming incumbent Republican nominee James Oscarson. From the web to social media, to billboards along Highway 160, you can’t miss what the famed brothel owner has to say about his opponent.

“Shame on Oscarson, he voted for the largest tax increase in Nevada history,” one billboard read.

Hof has made the tax votes the focal point of his campaign strategy, stating that Oscarson has regularly supported raising taxes.

“My campaign is to lay out the truth,” Hof said. “James Oscarson voted 29 out of 31 times for tax increases. When you run as a Republican in District 36 and you lie, you need to be fired.”

Hof went on to say that he has new billboards slated to go up soon that also play off the tax issue.

“Lying James. Raise your taxes, I won’t,” Hof said the billboards will read.

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