Bunny Ranch Brothel Offers Disgraced Congressman Weiner Position As Social Media Director

a(Jim Hoft | PR Newswire) – Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch legal brothel and star of HBO’s “Cathouse” series, is offering former New York congressman Anthony Weiner a full time position as director of social media at his famed Nevada bordello.

Weiner was outed over the weekend by The New York Post for his third tweeting/texting sex scandal. His wife Huma Abedin, a senior aide to Hillary Clinton, immediately announced that she and Weiner were separating.

“This guy is a great orator, and his political career showed that”, Hof said. “Clearly, his communication skills also extended into the world of digital media, and that his a huge component of our business in 2016. The very thing that killed him in politics and prompted his wife to leave him is a valued skill in my world.

“As the Bunny Ranch’s social media director, an insatiable appetite for sexually charged posting is not only encouraged, it’s part of the job description!”

Hof is willing to match Wiener’s congressional salary, complete with full benefits for him.

“I think Anthony will find that joining Team Bunny Ranch would be the completion of a process of embracing the freedom to be himself that sadly, is probably starting with the dissolution of his marriage,” Hof speculated.

“So many clients like Weiner come to us because they are sexually repressed and judged by society for their desires. I’ve made a fortune off of providing the outlet for those guys to find peace within themselves. I think having someone like Anthony as my messenger who’s been in the dark mental place where those clients find themselves will be a huge asset to the Bunny Ranch brand.”

Hof points out that years back, he himself befriended one of the women that had been the subject of a previous Weiner Twitter scandal when he discovered that she was a fan of his “Cathouse” show.  “Who knows?” smiles Hof, “Maybe we can reunite the two of them here at the Bunny Ranch!”