Dennis Hof: MY APOLOGY


An Open Letter to the People and Voters of Assembly District 36

Do you remember that movie classic “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon”?  In it the late, great actor John Wayne famously told a cavalry soldier, “Never apologize.  It’s a sign of weakness.”

Far be it for me to contradict the legendary “Duke,” but in this case I think an exception is warranted…

I’M SORRY my opponent has decided to flood your mailboxes and billboards with inappropriate, adult-themed campaign material in a desperate effort to distract voters from his voting record.

Believe me, I understand that a number of people may not care for my business – even though it’s been legal in Nevada for decades.  That’s why I’ve intentionally opted not to “rub it in your faces” during this campaign, though I haven’t run from it either.

What I believe is important to you is that I’m a longtime successful business owner – including owning restaurants, taverns, gas stations, etc. – who knows how to create jobs (I’ve employed THOUSANDS) and how government regulations and taxes hurt both employers AND employees.

I’M SORRY my opponent promised you he wouldn’t raise your taxes and then broke his word in return for political favors and contributions from Carson City lobbyists and special interests (see details at and

When I give you my word, I’ll keep it.  In fact, I’ve given you my word IN WRITING by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge which my opponent refuses to sign.


I’M SORRY my opponent voted for the largest tax hike in Nevada history, as well as for the creation of a new business income tax that 80% of us voted AGAINST at the ballot in 2014.  I’m also sorry that his vote created a new “Nevada IRS” that even small businesses not subject to the new tax now have to report to.

I’M SORRY my opponent has voted for over $2 BILLION worth of higher taxes in his short political career – including voting for 29 out of 32 tax hikes in the 2015 legislative session, as well as tax give-aways to billionaires for Tesla and Faraday Motors.

I’M SORRY my opponent keeps bringing up false (borderline libelous) accusations against me, without documentation, but doesn’t think enough about you that he’ll explain exactly why he was arrested (he’s already admitted this and it’s in the public record) for assault and disorderly conduct at a kids’ hockey game a couple years ago.

I’M SORRY my opponent’s hot temper continues to dog him even though he reportedly completed a short “anger management” program, and that his volatile and sometimes explosive temperament has made it extremely difficult for him to work with some of his legislative colleagues.

I’M SORRY my opponent thinks so little of the voters of Assembly District 36 that he refuses to participate in a public debate – preferably on the issues, but I’ll discuss any topic he thinks is relevant to you.

I’M SORRY my opponent is so inaccessible to the voters of our district.  Just try finding his phone number or email address on his campaign website – which were not there at the time this letter went to print.  But even if you find his contact information, good luck getting him to respond and answer your questions in a direct and truthful manner.

On the other hand, here’ MY personal email address – [email protected] and personal cell phone number – (775) 720-9090.  Many of you have already called and I’ve enjoyed our conversations – even when occasionally we’ve disagreed.  But at least we’ve been able to talk about your concerns one-on-one.

In conclusion…

I’M SORRY that my opponent, James Oscarson, fooled us into electing him as our Nevada State Assembly representative.  If you feel the same way, I would appreciate your vote on November 8th.

I won’t lie to you, I won’t raise your taxes and I won’t let you down!