Fun Day at Pahrump Fall Festival…Except for Oscarson’s Bush-League Campaign Stunt


(Team Hof) – The parade of folks who stopped by the Friends of Hof booth wanting to chat with Dennis about his race for Nevada State Assembly District 36 was virtually non-stop.  Great people, well-informed who are deeply unhappy with incumbent Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson.

Here’s a photo of the line of folks waiting to meet and talk with Dennis around dinner time…


On the other hand, here’s a shot of the “action” that was taking place across the way at Mr. Oscarson’s booth…


Kinda reminds you of the old “Maytag repairman” commercials, doesn’t it?

Retired Assemblyman Ed Goedhart and Tina Trenner – the Republican candidate who barely lost to Oscarson in the June GOP primary by 113 votes despite being outspent 16 to 1 – worked the booth and greeted longtime friends, neighbors and allies.  Both have enthusiastically endorsed Dennis.

There was, unfortunately, an ugly incident which demonstrates just how desperate Team Oscarson is feeling right now and how low the Oscarson camp is prepared to go in this race.

One of Oscarson’s supporters – we think his name is “Brian” – came by the booth, got in Dennis’ face, started shouting at him, and dropped “F”-bomb after “F”-bomb while flipping him off.  Real class act.

This “Brian” goof was clearly trying to goad Dennis into a physical altercation, hoping to detract attention from the problem Mr. Oscarson has with his arrest for assault at a kids’ hockey game a few years ago being made public this week.

Unfortunately for them, Dennis didn’t take the bait.

Maybe James’ uncontrollable anger is contagious?

After the incident, one person visiting the Hof booth observed…

“20 years later and Oscarson is still assaulting people.  He assaulted taxpayers last year and now he’s ‘assaulting’ our intelligence with this cheap campaign stunt.  We can’t get rid of him soon enough.”

But otherwise, it was a wonderful day and evening visiting with many wonderful people!

Meanwhile, back over at the Oscarson booth…



Not “working” very hard, is he?