Hof Announces Launch of New Campaign Website, Social Media


September 12, 2016
Contact: Richard Hunter
(817) 300-2555
[email protected]

(Team Hof) – The “Friends of Hof” campaign committee officially unveiled its new campaign website, Twitter page and Facebook page today in support of Nevada State Assembly District 36 candidate Dennis Hof.

Website:           www.DennisHof.com
Twitter:              www.twitter.com/electhof
Facebook:        www.facebook.com/electhof

Hof is running against incumbent “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) Assemblyman James Oscarson.

The website’s “Home” page includes a short, current bio highlighting Mr. Hof’s extensive business experience and his celebrity status, thanks in large part to his award-winning “Cathouse” reality TV show on HBO.

The “About Dennis” page tells the story of Dennis’ family and early personal life in Arizona before falling in love with Nevada and moving here more than 40 years ago.

The detailed biography describes his work ethic, his entrepreneurial zeal, his commitment to “lifetime learning” when it comes to education, and his boundless glass-is-half-full optimism.

“If by chance I found myself in a shed full of manure,” Dennis wrote, “I’d have been excited knowing that somewhere nearby there was a pony!”

The “Why I’m Running” page details what motivated Hof to challenge the abrasive incumbent assemblyman.

“I’ve been in the legal brothel business for more than 24 years, so I know a ‘working girl’ when I see one,” Hof explains.  “And Assemblyman Oscarson is the most shameless political prostitute in all of Nevada!”

To back up that assertion, visitors can check out “The Big Selloutski” page which details, in shockingly transparent detail, how the easily-irritated Mr. Oscarson went from raising less than $25,000 in his primary campaign in 2012 to a “PAC-asaurus,” raking in almost a half-million dollars in special interest money since that first race, most of which he pocketed after breaking his word and voting for the largest tax hike in Nevada history last session.

“Give Oscarson credit,” Hof says.  “He may have sold his soul and sold his vote, but he’s no two-bit street hooker.  He’s a high-priced political prostitute!”

“The Big Selloutski” page provides an extensive, detailed contributor list of Oscarson’s “customers.”

There is also a detailed “Issues” page that will be updated and expanded throughout the campaign.  It includes what will be Dennis’ guiding “conservatarian” principles for reviewing and evaluating legislation.

“Let me acknowledge that I am NOT as familiar with some of the issues as Assemblyman Oscarson, who has been in office for the last four years,” Hof says.  “But let me assure you that when considering an issue, I will consult with experts on both sides and make an informed decision that is in the best interest of the people of District 36.

“And I’ll exercise better judgment than Assemblyman Oscarson has shown because I’ve had far wider and deeper ‘real life’ experiences than he’s had.”

Because of his business success, Hof says that, unlike his opponent, he can’t be bought and he can’t be intimidated by the Carson City lobbying corps.  Nor, again unlike his opponent, does he have political ambitions beyond the state Legislature.

“One of the rumors about Mr. Oscarson’s motivation for selling-out on the $1.4 billion tax hike last year was that he was promised support by various special interests for a run for lieutenant governor in 2018,” Hof notes.  “If true, that’s absolutely shameful.”

The “Issues” page also includes Dennis’ positions on the Question 1 and Question 2 initiatives that will be on the general election ballot in November.

The website is rounded out with an “In the News” page, a campaign “Blog” page, a “Donation” page and a “Subscribe” page, where visitors can sign up to receive free email updates from the campaign.

“People have told me privately that Mr. Oscarson has a hot temper and a combustible, hair-trigger personality that he tries to hide in public,” Hof concludes.  “He apparently doesn’t take criticism very well and you never know when, where, how, why or who he’s going to explode on next.

“Our e-newsletter subscribers will be the first to know whenever The Big Selloutski blows his cork – and he will.  So buckle up and sign up TODAY.”

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