Nevada Brothel Owner With Political Ambitions Has Some Advice For Donald Trump

(Daniel Marans | Huffington Post) – Dennis Hof, the proprietor of several popular and legal brothels in Nevada, has a lot in common with Donald Trump.

They’re both reality television stars who are running for office — although the Republican presidential nominee and former star of NBC’s “The Apprentice” is seeking a bigger job than HBO’s “Cathouse” star Hof, who has launched a long-shot campaign for a Nevada Assembly seat representing the state’s 36th district.

Neither man fits easily into the typical confines of either major political party: Trump has upended the GOP, and Hof is running as a Libertarian. They’ve both been accused of running as a publicity stunt. They’re both planning to vote for Trump for president. . . .

Unlike Trump, Hof is relentlessly on message: No matter the topic, he inevitably comes back to slamming Republican incumbent state assemblyman James Oscarson’s support for Nevada’s new tax on businesses.

“I got into the race because of the commerce tax,” Hof said. “It’s the worst thing that has happened in Nevada’s history.”

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