Nye County propose fee increases for brothels in Pahrump

(Alexis Fernandez | KSNV News 3LV) – Nye County is looking to update its existing brothel codes. That could mean brothels in the Pahrump area could soon have to pay thousands of dollars more for licensing fees and background check fees.

Dennis Hof, who owns five brothels in the area says he’s being unfairly targeted.

“I can’t afford any fee increases at all, and so I would like the county to only increase me as much as any other business,” he said.

. . .

Nye County leaders, who declined to go on camera, are also asking the sheriff to investigate two brothels for illegal advertising.

Hof says there has never been an issue until now.

“It’s totally political because I’m running for Assembly District 36 and it’s a way to put me in the news in a negative light, that’s all it is,” he said.

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