Oscarson campaign billboard taken down after apparent copyright claim

That’s where state Assembly District 36 candidates, incumbent James Oscarson and opponent, brothel owner Dennis Hof, have been plastering billboards campaign advertising to wage a visual war against one another.

One such billboard that Oscarson put up on Highway 160 just past the Highway 372 intersection called Hof a “pimp” and used an image of Hof with a pair of legs kicked up and various woman strewn throughout.

Just days after the billboard went up, it was taken down sometime Wednesday morning.

Hof claims it is because the image with his likeness included was a photograph taken by David Paul Morris, a photographer who shot the photo for Bloomberg News, which Getty Images owns the distribution rights to and is copyrighted.

“I’m very close with Bloomberg News, they did an hour-and-a-half on me a year ago,” Hof said. “It’s a copyrighted image owned by Bloomberg News, distributed by Getty Images. They are up in arms.

“What’s going to happen is, they’re going after Oscarson.”

Hof questioned the decision of Oscarson’s camp to post the billboard in the first place.

“If you can make these kinds of decisions on a billboard, how can you make good decisions in Carson City?” he asked.

Oscarson said during a phone call Wednesday morning…

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