Price of sex rising? Nye County officials consider hiking brothel licensing fees

(Chris Kudialis | Las Vegas Sun) – Brothel owners in Nye County could soon find their businesses more expensive to operate. . . .

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(Dennis) Hof, who was present Tuesday with Henderson-based attorney Marc Risman, said his billboards have been posted for four years and advertise products in the neighboring Area 51 Alien Travel Center he also owns, not his Cathouse brothel. Hof is running as a libertarian in Assembly District 36, which wraps west of Las Vegas and covers Pahrump, Sandy Valley, Jean and Primm.

He called both the proposed hike in brothel fees and crackdown on his billboard “completely political,” arguing that other billboards across Nye County also violate county code.

“Rural Nevada has a lot of signs and they’re not all legal,” Hof said. “I bet I saw 200 illegal signs driving around here.”

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