Self-Promotion a Necessary Ingredient for Any Successful Entrepreneur – Including Brothel Owners

(Dennis Hof) – When I first read Tim Burke’s column critical of me in the Pahrump Valley Times last week, my initial response was, understandably, negative.  But as they say in the NFL, “upon further review, the call is reversed.”

Yes, it’s true, I’ve joined the Republican Party.  I see that as a positive.  Yes, I’ve let everyone know I’ve changed parties and have invited folks to join me.  I see that as a positive.

Yes, I’ve made donations to local charitable organizations.  I see that as positive.  Yes, I’ve gotten more involved in the community and, again, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Yes, I own LEGAL brothels – along with a number of other businesses, including the Alien Travel Center and restaurants – and all provide jobs for people and contribute to the local tax base.  Not sure why that’s a bad thing.

And yes, much of my success is due to my ability to self-promote my businesses.  These are critical skills I’ve learned over 40 years as an entrepreneur who signs the front of checks, not the back.   I make no apology for that.

In fact, I wish more of our elected officials possessed such skills to promote the great neighborhoods and live-and-let-live attitude of Pahrump and all of Nye County.  Economic development would be greatly enhanced by such efforts.

Indeed, if I ever run for office again and am blessed with the confidence of voters to serve them, I would use all of my “self-promotion” skills, talents and experience to make our community an even better place to live, work and shop.

But I do take exception to one point Mr. Burke made.  He criticized my tongue-in-cheek announcement that, in honor of the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, I was going to name a room after former Raiders defensive tackle Darrell Russell at my new establishment.

Mr. Burke noted that Darrell “was suspended by the NFL for multiple drug infractions” and “missed a year-and-a-half while serving two league suspensions” some 15 years ago before this very talented Pro Bowler was tragically killed in a car crash.

None of which had anything to do with my businesses whatsoever.

To criticize a business owner for the personal off-premises actions of his customers is as unrealistic as it is unreasonable.  If Las Vegas casinos banned every patron – especially celebrities – who ever had a run-in with the law, the town would dry up and blow away in the desert wind.

For example, should restaurants, hotels and other businesses refuse to serve or hire actor/comedian Tim “The Tool Man” Allen – who is performing next month at the Mirage Resort in Las Vegas – because he was once arrested for possession of cocaine, convicted of drug trafficking and served over two years in a federal prison?

Look, I understand that Mr. Burke, and others, don’t like my brothel business even though it’s legal.  That’s fine.

Personally, I’m not a big opera fan.  But I nevertheless support the operation of the Amargosa Opera House.  And if those folks practiced some of the “self-promotion” techniques I use in my businesses, maybe it wouldn’t be in such financial distress today.

In fact, in the spirit of congeniality and regional economic development, I’d be happy to take Mr. Burke to an upcoming performance at the opera house as my guest.  Heck, I’ll even buy him a drink at my Love Ranch and dinner at my Alien Cathouse on the way out!

Uh-oh.  Was that too much self-promotion?

Mr. Hof is a successful Nevada businessman, author, philanthropist, star of an award-winning reality TV series on HBO and president of the Home of Freedom PAC.  He can be reached at