The 2016 Race Is Tearing This Brothel Apart

(Sara Morrison | Vocativ)A legal brothel in Nevada has become a house divided now that sex workers have come out in favor of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday, Bunny Ranch proprietor and publicity lover Dennis Hof announced that “a group of girls” (he also refers to them as “my girls” later on, even though they are women and do not belong to him) have created “Tarts For Trump,” in order to show their support for the Republican candidate.

“They say they feel Trump is very ‘pro-whore,’ and his positions are very supportive of prostitution and improving the daily lives of working girls,” Hof claims in his blog post.

But don’t think this is only some publicity stunt (it is for sure largely a publicity stunt). There is substance here, as Tarts for Trump has laid out a list of issues they agree with Trump about, which is occasionally interrupted by photos of one of the the “tarts” scantily clad and holding a Trump sign.

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