The Big Selloutski Campaign in Full Panic Mode, Attempts Misdirection


(Team Hof) – Michelle Rindels of the Associated Press published a story on our race against tax-hiking Assembly James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson (RINO-Rural Nevada).

Stung by our billboards, which started to go up last week, and our new digital campaign online (Facebook | Twitter), Oscarson attempted to deflect from the issues of the race by claiming the Hof campaign is a “farce” and just a “publicity” stunt.

Publicity stunt, huh?  Can you just imagine the publicity when we BEAT him like a drum on November 8?!!!

Oscarson also tried to deflect from the actual issues of this race by questioning my residency in District 36 – but then declared he wasn’t “going to mount a residency challenge.”

Why not?  If he really doesn’t think Dennis has a residence in the district, why not challenge it?

Here’s why…because he’ll lose.  Hof not only has a residence in the district, but multiple job-creating, revenue-producing businesses, unlike Mr. Oscarson.

When asked about all his special interest donations from PACs and lobbyists that have come in since he broke his word and voted for the largest tax hike in Nevada history last year, here’s the manure The Big Selloutski tried to shovel…

“Oscarson…said the contributions allow him to run a good campaign and defeat Hof. He said his vote for taxes was a way to bring more money to Nevada’s bottom-ranked school system, especially in struggling rural schools.  ‘I didn’t do anything more than what I thought was best for our constituents,’ he said.”

As the kids would say, “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

If Oscarson was really doing what was in the best interests of his constituents – and not the bidding of the Carson City lobbying corps – he would have voted AGAINST the tax increase since a whopping 80 PERCENT of his constituents voted against the business tax/commerce tax that was on the ballot in 2014!

Mr. Oscarson can try to run from his record, but we’re not about to let him hide.

If you want to see EXACTLY how he sold out the constituents of District 36 last session, please visit

Facts, as they say, are stubborn things.