Top 10 Reasons You Should Vote for Dennis Hof on Tuesday

(Team Hof) – Voters of Nevada State Assembly District 36 have a clear choice on Tuesday between incumbent Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson and independent businessman Dennis Hof.  Here are 10 reasons why you should vote for Mr. Hof…

#1: Dennis Won’t Raise Your Taxes!

After promising us he wouldn’t, Mr. Oscarson voted for 29 out of 32 tax hikes last year – including the largest tax hike in state history!  And he’s refused to rule out doing so again if he’s re-elected.

On the other hand, Dennis has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  Wouldn’t your wallet be safer with the guy who isn’t afraid to put his promise not to raise your taxes in writing rather than a two-faced politician who talks out of both sides of his mouth!

#2:  Dennis is an “Outsider”

On issue after issue, it’s the “insiders” in office today who have made such a mess of things.  That’s one of the reasons “outsider” candidates such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders did so well in the presidential primaries.

Mr. Oscarson has become a consummate insider.  He’s part of the problem.   Dennis is an outsider who will bring a “let’s try something different” attitude to Carson City.  Isn’t that what we need?

#3:  Dennis Can’t be Bought

Mr. Oscarson’s campaign is 98.7% funded by special interests, PACs and Carson City lobbyists.  The only way he can fund his re-election campaign is to vote the way they want him to vote.

On the other hand, Dennis is self-funding almost 100% of his campaign.  If elected, Dennis won’t owe anyone but you, the voter.  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

#4:  Dennis Can’t be Intimidated

Since filing for office, Dennis and his businesses have been threatened with everything from inspections to investigations, hoping to pressure him into quitting the race.  His employees have been viciously attacked in the media and he’s been accused of everything short of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.

But Dennis refused to buckle under the pressure.  Isn’t that the kind of person you want representing you in Carson City when the heat gets turned up in the kitchen?

#5:  Dennis Won’t be “Star Struck” by Celebrities

More and more celebrities are getting involved in politics.  Remember when actor Nicholas Cage came to Carson City to lobby for special film tax credits?  Legislators were ooh’ing and aah’ing and tripping all over themselves to get “selfies.”

Dennis, thanks to his award-winning HBO television series, is a celebrity.  He won’t be asking for autographs.  He’ll be asking hard questions.  Isn’t that what a state representative is supposed to do?

#6:  Dennis Can’t be “Sweet-Talked” by the Establishment

Before he became a professional politician, Mr. Oscarson was a nurse.  So when powerful people in powerful positions started wining-and-dining him and whispering sweet nothings in his ear about higher office, it’s not surprising that his ego swelled up bigger than a hot air balloon.

With delusions of grandeur dancing in his head, Mr. Oscarson started cutting deals and playing the ol’ “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” game.  He liked “being somebody.”  He liked “sitting at the big kids’ table.”  And in the process forgot who he was supposed to represent.

Dennis has no political ambitions beyond serving as your State Assemblyman.  Carson City’s power elite have nothing he wants.  Your interests will be his interests…period.

#7:  Dennis Will Protect Your Gun Rights

Just like with taxes, Mr. Oscarson says one thing but does the other.  For example, he “claims” he’s in favor of “campus carry” legislation.  But when he had the chance to vote for it last session, he voted “No.”  He’s also failed to fight for the Second Amendment rights of medical marijuana card-holders.

On the other hand, Dennis is a concealed carry permit holder himself and has received an “A” rating from both the National Rifle Association and the Nevada Firearms Coalition.  Wouldn’t you be better protected by someone who walks the walk, not just talks the talk?

#8:  Dennis Will Protect Your Water Rights

There is no more valuable resource in the desert than water.  And Nevada’s government wants more of yours.  That’s why it’s trying to force you to put meters on your private well.  And like everything else, Mr. Oscarson has talked a good game but hasn’t actually done anything.

On the other hand, Dennis is a private well owner himself.  So he has a personal interest in fighting the government’s “water grab” tooth-and-nail.  He’ll defend your water rights like nobody’s business.

#9:  Dennis Won’t Blow His Top

Despite the “anger management” program Mr. Oscarson was sentenced to after his arrest for assault and disorderly conduct at a kids’ hockey game, many people say he still has a short fuse and hot temper when working with colleagues in Carson City.  This makes it very difficult for him to effectively represent us.

On the other hand, Dennis has been extremely successful in the hospitality industry for over 40 years.  He’s an even-tempered, friendly guy who not only knows how to get along with others, but understands why cooperation is absolutely essential to getting things done for us.

#10:  Dennis Won’t Lie to You

As the saying goes, “Trust is like a mirror; once it’s broken you can never look at it the same again.”  And as the great William Shakespeare warned, “Don’t trust the person who has broken faith once.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Oscarson has broken our trust time and time again.  If we can’t trust him to keep his word on taxes, why in the world would we trust him on guns or water?

On the other hand, Dennis has nothing to gain from public service.  He’s already financially secure and has no political ambitions.  He won’t lie to you.  He won’t sell you out.  And you can take that to the bank.

BONUS #11: Dennis Won’t Sleep on the Job

As shown in this photo taken in the Assembly Caucus Room, Mr. Oscarson is the very definition of “low energy.”  Dennis, on the other hand, has the Type-A drive of an entrepreneur who thrives on just 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night.  When the bell rings, Dennis will already be there ready to answer.


On Tuesday, vote for what’s in YOUR best interest.  Elect Dennis Hof to represent you in Carson City next year!