Anatomy of a Smear: Oscarson’s Sleaze Machine Cranks Up

(Team Hof) – With over a quarter-million dollars worth of PAC and special interest campaign cash in the kitty, it was only a matter of time before Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson’s dumpster-divers started filling mail boxes with attack ads.

A recent attack mailer features outrageous and false claims by three “former Hof employees.”

As someone who has employed thousands of people over my 40 years in business in Nevada, it’s not exactly shocking that Oscarson’s sleaze merchants were able to find three disgruntled former employees willing to come out from under their rocks and take a cheap shot in the middle of a political campaign…

And one of them is now a COMPETITOR!

But the really sleazy part of this particular mailer is who’s behind it…

Like a typical cowardly politician, Oscarson didn’t have the cojones to mail this one out himself under his own name.  Instead some sham-PAC calling itself “Citizens for Liberty” is listed as paying for the mailer, which Oscarson would like you to think gives him “plausible deniability.”

Yeah, right.

According to Nevada law (NRS294A.230), “each committee for political action shall, before it engages in any activity in this State, register with the Secretary of State on forms supplied by the Secretary of State.”

The law goes on to require that “The form must require:  (a) The name of the committee for political action;  (b) The purpose for which it was organized;  (c) The names, addresses and telephone numbers of its officers…”

Citizens for Liberty was filed as a PAC with the Nevada Secretary of State on April 25, 2016.

In the box where the PAC’s “Purpose” is to be described, there’s nothing written.  Not a single word.



There’s also not a single “Officer” listed on the form for the PAC.



In fact, the only name listed is for some guy named Matthew Capalby as the PAC’s registered agent in Nevada.



But, um…Mr. Capalby doesn’t actually live in Nevada.

According to his own Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In social media sites, as of October 25, 2016, he lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.




In addition, the phone number he provided to the Nevada Secretary of State’s office when he registered the PAC is (928) 814-2789.  And according to the National Phone Number Registry, that number “is located near FLAGSTAFF, Arizona.”

Also, that same phone number is listed by the Arizona Secretary of State as belonging to Matthew Capalby – which also lists Mr. Capalby’s address as 7400 Saddle Trail in Flagstaff, Arizona – – a luxury home lists as being worth $410,000!


Yet the address Mr. Capalby gave to the Nevada Secretary of State for the PAC is for a run-down apartment located in one of the worst high-crime, drug-ridden neighborhoods in all of Las Vegas, which is surrounded by stolen shopping carts of homeless people.


If anyone thinks high-falutin’ lobbyist Matthew Capalby actually lives in that apartment, even though it’s listed in his name, we’ve got ocean-front property in Beatty you might be interested in!

According to his bio from his company website at Peaks Advocacy Group, Capalby “is a former Vice-Chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party and has been involved in state and federal level politics and campaigns for almost twenty years.”  He was also once a Democrat candidate for the Arizona Legislature.

He’s also been involved in sleazeball politics in Nevada before.

According to an April 12, 2015 story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a political action committee tied to Capalby intentionally tried to confuse and mislead voters in the Las Vegas mayor’s race with a robo-call he produced.

In the “last-minute robo-call” by a different sham-PAC, Capalby tried to fool voters into thinking incendiary comments posted on Facebook by a whack-job named Robert L. Beers were actually made by Las Vegas City Councilman Robert T. Beers.

“Arizona-based campaign strategist Matthew Capalby, who helped produce the call, stood by its phrasing.”

The guy is a low-life slimeball who will do and say anything in a political campaign.

No wonder he’s supporting Oscarson!

One last point…

As of October 25, 2016, the Nevada Secretary of State’s office reports that Mr. Capalby’s sham-PAC has failed to file any Campaign Finance Disclosure reports this year.


The first one was due on May 24, the second one was due on June 10 and the most recent one was due on October 18.

What’s this guy hiding?

These are the kinds of sleazy political hacks the bought-and-paid-for Mr. Oscarson is playing footsies with.  He and they will say anything and do anything to keep Oscarson in office.

As businessman and longtime political veteran George Harris put it…

“I have to say those strung-out meth-heads on street corners promising they’ll ‘Work for Food’ are more believable than one of (Oscarson’s) campaign promises.”

District 36 voters should keep that in mind when they cast their ballots.