Hof Launches Big Billboard Campaign against “The Big Selloutski”

(Team Hof) – The Friends of Hof campaign has begun installing billboards and road signs throughout Nevada State Assembly District 36 in independent businessman Dennis Hof’s race against tax-hiking Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson.

“Since I’ve never run for office before, half our billboards will simply advertise my name so people will know I’m serious about this race despite what my opponents are saying,” noted Hof.

“But since my opponent has been deceptively hiding and misrepresenting his true and full voting record, a number of billboards will expose him for the dishonest, double-talking politician he is.”

Many of the initial billboards have already been put in place throughout the district, with new ones still in production.  Here are a few they have already been installed…






And here are the new ones, which should go up in the next week or so…

Billboard 160 F

Billboard 14x48 Big Sellout

“Some folks will understandably complain that some of our advertising is ‘negative’ campaigning,” Hof added.  “But it’s not negative to tell the truth about your opponent, especially when it comes to his actions in office and voting record.

“Voters need this critical information to make an informed choice on November 8 – especially since Mr. Oscarson’s campaign is in super-hyper-overdrive trying to hide and misrepresent the truth.”