October 10, 2016



The 2016 Race Is Tearing This Brothel Apart
(Sara Morrison | Vocativ) – A legal brothel in Nevada has become a house divided now that sex workers have come out in favor of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday, Bunny Ranch proprietor and publicity lover Dennis Hof announced that “a group of…

Oscarson campaign billboard taken down after apparent copyright claim
(Mick Akers | Pahrump Valley Times) – Oscarson claimed he would call back later in the afternoon to further discuss the matter, as he was in between meetings. The return phone call was never received.  Oscarson spokesperson Laura Billman did respond via email Thursday morning which didn’t address the question of the billboard’s sudden removal.


Hof Issues Incredible Debate Challenge to “The Big Selloutski”
On Friday, Nevada Assembly District 36 challenger Dennis Hof issued a formal challenge to incumbent tax-hiking Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson in a full-page newspaper ad that appeared in the Pahrump Valley Times.

Hof Campaign Releases 5 New Radio Spots
(Team Hof) – The Friends of Hof campaign released today 5 new radio spots for Dennis Hof’s campaign for Nevada State Assembly District 36 today. Listen to each below… YOU’RE FIRED!   TAXES   VETERANS & SENIORS   EDUCATION   WATER…

Oscarson to Cancer & AIDS Patients: Drop Dead!
(Team Hof) – In a September 15th interview with award-winning reporter Mick Akers of the Pahrump Valley Times, here’s what Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson had to say… “My campaign strategy was and is to be out in the community and to listen to the…

Pahrump Seniors Welcome Hof, Enjoy Lunch Talk
(Team Hof) – Dennis Hof, independent candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 36, sponsored a “getting to know you” lunch today for about 150 senior citizens at the Pahrump Senior Social Center today. Dennis got a warm welcome and spoke briefly to the crowd about…


“I’ve served two terms with James Oscarson.  He’s the pits.  He’s a hand-maiden of the governor and bought-and-paid-for “yes man” for lobbyists and special interests.  We need more successful, independent businessmen in the Nevada Legislature.  That’s why I’m supporting Dennis Hof one thousand percent!” – Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore

“To work effectively with your colleagues in Carson City, you need to be able to trust that if they give their word they’re going to honor their word.  That was not my experience with Assemblyman Oscarson last year.  We thought we had his support in opposing the big tax hike, but in the end he flipped on us.  I’ll never take anything he tells me at face value again.” – Nevada State Assemblyman John Moore

“Raising taxes is what weak politicians do instead of the hard work of making tough spending choices.  Assemblyman Oscarson took the easy way out and voted for the largest tax hike in Nevada history last year.  His opponent, Dennis Hof, has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and will keep his word to the voters he represents.  This choice is a no-brainer.” – Grover Norquist, president, Americans for Tax Reform

“Dennis Hof is the last, best hope for taxpayers in Assembly District 36.  The incumbent betrayed the voters and pushed through the largest, most punitive tax in Nevada history just months after 80 percent of Nevada voters said no to this kind of tax.  Dennis is committed to reversing that atrocity, pursuing legitimate education reform, and re-establishing Nevada as the best place in the world to live and do business.” – Geoffrey Lawrence, former Deputy Policy Director, Nevada Policy Research Institute