New Campaign Report Reveals “The Big Selloutski” has Struck Again

Billboard 14x48 Big Sellout

(Team Hof) – One of the more stunning differences in Nevada Assembly District 36 race this year is how each candidate is funding their campaign.

Challenger Dennis Hof is pretty much self-funding his entire race, while incumbent Assemblyman James Oscarson continues to live off the blood money of special interests.

As the Parhump Valley Times reported on October 21, “Oscarson pulled in $88,500 in contributions from 71 donors” compared to Hof, “who drew in $50,106,” with $50,000 of it coming from himself.

Oscarson claimed, presumably with a straight face, that his haul “says that people support me.”

Yeah, right.

The fact is there are almost no “people” from Assembly District 36 supporting him with their campaign cash. Most are PACs, big corporations, lobbyists and special interests – especially Big Gaming.

Here’s a quick look at most of Mr. Selloutski’s reported donors, and where they’re located (see if you can find the one in Pahrump!), from his latest Campaign & Expense report…

  • New Nevada PAC (Las Vegas): $7,500.00*
  • Wynn Resorts (Las Vegas): $3,500.00
  • SB Strategic Consulting (Las Vegas lobbyist): $3,500
  • Friends of PK O’Neil PAC (Carson City): $3,500.00
  • The Orleans Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas): $3,000.00
  • Citizens for Justice PAC (Carson City): $3,000.00
  • GSR Grand Casino (Reno): $2,500.00
  • MGM Grand (Las Vegas): $2,500.00
  • Boyd Gaming (Las Vegas): $2,000.00
  • McDonald Carano Wilson (Reno/Las Vegas lobbyist): $2,000.00
  • Frias Standard Capital (Las Vegas): $2,000.00
  • Las Vegas Metro Chamber (Las Vegas): $1,500.00
  • NACDS PAC (Arlington, VA): $1,500.00
  • Anthem Blue Cross (Cincinnati, OH): $1,500.00
  • Fiesta Rancho Casino & Hotel (Las Vegas): $1,500.00
  • Switch (Las Vegas): $1,000.00
  • Nevada Realtor PAC (Henderson): $1,000.00
  • US Ecology (Boise, ID): $1,000.00
  • Nevada Power (Las Vegas): $1,000.00
  • IUPAT PAC (Hanover, MD): $1,000.00
  • Valley Electric Assn. PAC (Pahrump): $1,000.00
  • ATT Mobility (Los Angeles, CA): $1,000.00
  • The Ferraro Group (Reno lobbyist): $1,000.00
  • Nevada Anesthesia PAC (Las Vegas): $1,000.00
  • MCNA Health Care Holdings PAC (Ft. Lauderdale, FL): $1,000.00
  • Morning in Nevada PAC (Las Vegas): $1,000.00
  • Sunrise Healtcare System PAC (Las Vegas): $1,000.00
  • Southwest Gas (Las Vegas): $1,000.00
  • ARDA ROC PAC (Washington, DC): $1,000.00
  • Caesars (Las Vegas): $1,000.00
  • Vaisman Medical Services (Las Vegas): $1,000.00
  • Kinross Gold (Toronto, Canada): $800.00
  • Mt Wheeler Power (Ely): $750.00
  • Associated General Contractors PAC (Las Vegas): $750.00
  • Southwest Gas (Las Vegas): $750.00
  • SR Construction (Las Vegas): $750.00
  • Hewlet Packard (Washington, DC): $500.00
  • Nevada Optometric PAC (Las Vegas): $500.00
  • Nevada Dental Assiciation PAC (Las Vegas): $500.00
  • Republic Dumpco (Las Vegas): $500.00
  • First Solar Development (Tempe, AZ): $500.00
  • UP Railroad (Port Clinton, OH): $500.00
  • Nevada Credit Union League (Ontario, CA): $500.00
  • Pharma PAC (Washington, DC): $500.00
  • Gaming Eguipment Manufactures (Henderson): $500.00
  • So NV Building & Construction PAC (Henderson): $500.00
  • Nevada Health PAC (Las Vegas): $500.00
  • Nevada Yellow Cab (Las Vegas): $500.00
  • Bell Trans (Las Vegas): $500.00
  • Capital Partners (Reno lobbyist): $500.00
  • Nevada Beer Association (Reno PAC): $500.00
  • Nevada Farm Bureau (Sparks): $500.00
  • NADEAC PAC (Reno): $500.00
  • Nevada Trust Companies (Reno PAC): $500.00
  • Nevada Dental Asociation PAC (Las Vegas): $500.00
  • Southwest Airlines (Dallas, TX): $250.00
  • Keith L. Lee (Reno lobbyist): $250.00

* Just FYI, The Big Selloutski’s largest single donor this period was New Nevada PAC – which is a PAC belonging to Gov. Brian Sandoval, architect of the largest tax hike in Nevada history.

Anyone who doesn’t think that contribution was a huge “thank you” to Oscarson for his bought-and-paid-for vote for that $1.4 BILLION tax hike is in some serious denial.

If Assemblyman Oscarson’s vote on a tax hike can be bought for $7,500, how little would it cost for him to sell out your gun rights or your water rights or your parental rights?

In this election, there’s a clear choice: Re-elect a man who can be bought for 30 pieces of silver…or elect Dennis Hof, “The Man Who Couldn’t Be Bought.”