Big Labor and the Chamber of Tax Hikers

(Team Hof) – Despite the fact that as many as 40% of union MEMBERS are Republican voters, labor union LEADERS have historically been extremely hostile to the GOP.  And the legislative endorsements for this campaign cycle announced recently by two of the larger unions prove it once again.

The AFL-CIO only endorsed two incumbent Republicans running for the Assembly…

1.)  Assemblyman Jill Tolles, who had the most pro-Democrat voting record among all Republicans in last year’s session.

2.)  And, of course, tax-hiking RINO Assemblyman James Oscarson

For its part, the SEIU only endorsed  one incumbent Republican running for the Assembly.

You guessed it!


On the other end of the spectrum, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce – which shamefully supported the anti-business Commerce Tax and has donated a TON of cash to Oscarson – also endorsed Oscarson in our June 12 primary race. Big surprise.

This is what we’re up against folks.  The tax-hiking Carson City swamp.  They’re “all in” for The Big Selloutski.  And they’ll win again if you don’t come out and vote him out.

Remember: Early voting begins on May 26th!


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