Hofington Post: April 28, 2018

Lots of things to share today as our campaign to “fire” tax-hiking RINO Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson on June 12th heats up…

First, taxpayer champion Grover Norquist will be joining us in Pahrump on May 11th for a big campaign rally at the Senior Center, along with “Chopped” star Jessica Johnson.  Here’s what Grover has said about our opponent…

“Raising taxes is what weak politicians do instead of the hard work of making tough spending choices. Assemblyman Oscarson took the easy way out and voted for the largest tax hike in Nevada history.  His opponent, Dennis Hof, has signed the Pledge and will keep his word to the voters he represents. This choice is a no-brainer.”

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The Pahrump Valley Times published an article on our April 11 “debate” with The Big Selloutski and Dr. Joseph Bradley.  Here’s a key take-away…

“Hof snapped back, ‘I am a member of the Republican Party, whereas Mr. Oscarson has been excommunicated from the Republican Party,’ referring to the action taken by the Nye County Republican Central Committee to expel Oscarson after he voted for the Commerce Tax.”

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Speaking of Oscarson’s “excommunication,” we ran a full-page ad in the Pahrump Valley Times this week reminding folks of exactly what the Nye County GOP said about their reasons for kicking him out.

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As those who live in District 36 know, Oscarson has been filling mailboxes with all kinds of lies, accusations and innuendos, mostly related to my brothel business.  It’s disgusting and libelous.  But more importantly, it’s totally inappropriate since kids are seeing these mail pieces and billboards.

We mailed a letter warning voters that this garbage was coming and I’ll be reprinting that letter in a full-page ad in the Pahrump Valley Times and Moapa Daily Progress next week.

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Also, since he wasn’t able to join us in person (he Skyped in) at last weekend’s rally because of the lawsuit the Democrats’ filed the day before against him as part of the B.S. “Russia collusion” witchhunt, Trump adviser Roger Stone has re-scheduled.  He’ll be in Pahrump to sign your books and take “selfies” on June 2.

Stay tuned for more details.

And speaking of that event last week, Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald joined us and spoke for 20 minutes about what’s at stake in this race.  Here’s an abbreviated statement from the Chairman that summarizes his remarks…

“James Oscarson lied to us.  The reason I say that is he voted for the Commerce Tax.  He needs to apologize for that, because he ran promising not to raise taxes.  And the people voted for him based on that promise.  But what did he do?  He raised our taxes.  He needs to answer for that.  And he will when people go to the polls on June 12th and send him packing.”

Lastly, we’re working on setting up a debate to be held in the Las Vegas section of District 36.  We’ll invite James…but we already know he’ll refuse to participate.  He believes he already has thing won.

He’s in for a heckuva rude awakening on June 12th.

Which reminds me to remind you: Early Voting starts one month from now on May 26th.  If you vote, we win.  If you don’t, he wins.  And all of us lose!


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