It’s Debate Time: Somebody Please Wake Up Assemblyman Oscarson!

Must See TV: Assembly District 36 Debate(s)* on April 11th

Dennis Hof
Assemblyman James Oscarson & Dr. Joseph Bradley

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018
KPVM Channel 46 in Pahrump
Debate #1 Start Time: 6:00 pm Pacific
Debate #2 Start Time: 7:00 pm. Pacific

* NOTE:  Mr. Oscarson has NOT yet accepted our challenge to have back-to-back debates on the same night – the first under his “fake” debate terms…and a second one immediately afterwards under ours.

If he refuses to participate in our Part II debate, we’ll instead be hosting a post-debate panel discussion analyzing the initial debate plus reviewing of Mr. Oscarson’s record in office over the last six years…

Scheduled Panelists

Former Assemblyman Ed Goedhart
Former Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore
Future Assemblyman Dennis Hof
Chuck Muth: Moderator

Whether it turns out to be Part II of the debate with Assemblyman Oscarson or a thorough review of how this RINO tax-hiker has misrepresented the voters of District 36 for the last six years, KPVM Channel 46 from 6:00–8:00 pm on April 11th will be MUST SEE TV for political junkies of all stripes!

P.S.  If you’d like to read all the details on how Assemblyman Oscarson has stacked the deck for his “fake” debate in his favor, as well as our counter-proposals, just visit and read all the back-and-forth correspondence between the two campaigns.


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