Nevada GOP Chief Drops BOMBSHELL on Oscarson!

(Dennis Hof) – Unable to defend his tax-hiking record – including voting for the largest tax hike in Nevada history! – and trailing in the polls, what passes for Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson’s dumpster-diving campaign “brain trust” has resorted to publishing absolutely false personal allegations against me.

Welcome to the Politics of Desperation.

The truth is, if a professional “insider” politician like Oscarson is willing to lie about something as important to GOP voters as tax hikes, it stands to reason he’ll lie about anything.  And he does.

So last week I mailed and published a four-page letter refuting The Big Selloutski’s more outrageous accusations.  But the reality is that makes our to-and-fro nothing more than a political “he said/he said.”

And considering how many times so many candidates have lied to so many voters for so many years, it’s understandable that so many people are now scratching their heads wondering who’s leveling with them and who’s trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

Which is why on Friday our campaign mailed, at our expense, copies of a letter to District 36 voters from Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald which essentially calls bull-$#&! On Oscarson’s claims and blisters the tax-hiking RINO [Republican in Name Only] assemblyman’s record.

To be clear, Chairman McDonald’s letter is not an endorsement of our campaign.  It simply sets the record straight about Oscarson’s wild and outrageous whoppers.

It is, nevertheless, an unprecedented take down of a sitting elected Republican from the GOP’s top leader in Nevada, and I thank Chairman McDonald for having the principled courage to step up and do the right thing in clearing the air of Oscarson’s garbage in this race.

CLICK HERE to read the full letter.



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