There are Lies, Damned Lies…and Oscarson Lies

Some people say I’m in a “dirty” business.

But I gotta be honest: I’ve NEVER seen anything as dirty as politics since announcing my campaign against tax-hiking RINO (Republican in Name Only) Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson.

Voters of District 36 – as I warned a few weeks ago – are being inundated with graphic attack ads accusing me of everything but the sinking of the Titanic!

The political accusations are so outrageous (standard “swamp” tactic) that my initial inclination was to ignore them. But then I was advised that “an attack unanswered is an attack voters will assume is true.” So let’s address them…

I recently received this email from Gerri Morgan…

“Read mailer today put out by your opponent.  He says you endorsed Clinton. Is this true??????????  For us it’s more of a concern than your brothels.  If indeed you did endorse Clinton, that could be a deal breaker with us conservatives.”

Let’s make this simple…


I was, am and will continue to be a “yuge” supporter of President Trump.  Indeed, Trump adviser Roger Stone – who will be headlining a campaign rally for me in Pahrump on June 2nd – has taken to calling me the “Trump of Pahrump.”

But here’s how these political weasels are trying to twist nothing into something…

Like all business owners – unlike career professional politician James Oscarson – I have folks working for me who have different political views from mine.  But I ENCOURAGE them to be politically active.

As such, a group of my gals created a pro-Hillary group in 2016. And the official press announcement made it VERY clear it was a group of workers, NOT ME, who formed the group…

“Workers at Dennis Hof’s world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel in Carson City, Nevada are banding together to announce their support of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.”

Meanwhile, other workers formed a pro-Trump group.  And I supported BOTH groups getting involved in politics – even though I was on the other side of the pro-Hillary group.  I endorsed my WORKERS‘ involvement, not Hillary!

To claim I was a Hillary supporter isn’t just a lie or a damned lie.  It’s an Oscarson lie!

Another Oscarson lie in one of his mailers is that I endorsed U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.  This is laughable.

In fact, Chris Morris of CNBC reported on July 7, 2015 that I’d “formed an exploratory committee to run for the U.S. seat held by the powerful Democrat Harry Reid.”

It’s ridiculous to claim I supported a guy I considered running against before I decided to run against The Big Selloutski instead.

Again, there are lies, damned lies…and Oscarson lies.

Another accusation in Oscarson’s mailers is that I’m “Pro-Abortion.”

Let me respond by simply quoting from my autobiography that was published three years ago – well before I got into this race – about when my first wife and I “got careless” and she got pregnant…

“I did the right thing and married her. We could have had an abortion, sure, but…I couldn’t imagine taking the life of our unborn child.”

Once again, there are lies, damned lies…and Oscarson lies.

I could go on and on refuting each and every one of The Big Selloutski’s bald-faced whoppers, but then we’d be here all day and not talking about the real issues of this campaign, such as…

James’ never-ending votes for higher taxes, his wishy-washy position on guns, his failure to protect our water rights, his uncontrollable hot temper, and the fact that he was thrown out of the Nye County Republican Party for breaking his word and voting for the “Oscarson Commerce Tax.”

But let me close with this…

Another of Oscarson’s mailers states I’ve that I’ve been accused of rape and sexual assault.

As we’ve learned in recent months, anyone can be “accused” of anything.  That doesn’t make it true.

In fact, as former Assemblywoman Michele Fiore stated on television a couple weeks ago, Oscarson himself has been “accused” of adultery with a Carson City lobbyist.  It might be true.  It might not be true.  That’s why in this country we have a system of due process.

As for the sexual assault accusations, they were brought by a former brothel worker and competitor – FIVE YEARS after the alleged incident and just a couple weeks before the election.

Her complaint was fully investigated by law enforcement authorities – which found no basis for her totally unsubstantiated, politically-motivated claims and dismissed the case.  You can verify this with the Nye County Sheriff and the District Attorney’s office.

Still, these are all serious accusations – as false as they are! – and you have every right to ask me about them.

So as always, if you have ANY questions whatsoever about these or any other claims my opponent is making, call me (as many of you have already done) on my personal cell phone at (775) 720-0990 or shoot an email to [email protected].

Politics is a dirty game. The dirtiest. But together we’re gonna clean it up by ousting James Oscarson and his damned lies once and for all in the GOP primary election on June 12th!

Yours in liberty,

P.S. While Oscarson’s attack dogs have uncovered a handful of gadflies and malcontents who have come out from under their rocks to attack me, I’ll just point out that my friend and FOX News host Tucker Carlson wrote a chapter for my autobiography, and national conservative leaders such as Grover Norquist and Roger Stone are doing campaign rallies with me.

I’ll take Tucker, Grover and Roger over Oscarson’s sleaze merchants any day ending in “y”!


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