BREAKING: New Poll Shows Hof Weathering Blizzard of Attack Ads, Takes Lead in AD-36 Race

(Hofington Post) – Despite a recent flood of graphic, sex-fueled attack ads and mailers from the Assembly District 36 campaign of incumbent James Oscarson, his conservative Republican challenger and businessman, Dennis Hof, now leads in the race according to a new poll.

The independent poll conducted by SoCo Strategies on May 3-6, 2018 of likely Republican primary voters shows Hof leading Oscarson 33-29 percent, with 5 percent going to Joe Bradley and 33 percent still “undecided.”

The margin of error is +/- 4.95 percent.

“Oscarson has falsely accused me of everything but the sinking of the Titanic,” Hof said of the poll results.  “That we’re statistically neck-and-neck with this tax-hiking, lobbyist-funded, establishment-backed incumbent three weeks before early voting starts is amazing.”

“Dennis Hof should now be considered the favorite in this race,” SoCo Strategies notes in its summary. “Both candidates’ name recognition is off the charts for a local race.  This suggests that Oscarson has little room to gain considering he has lost almost ten points from our previous poll (last October).”

Oscarson “has lost any advantage he had from being an incumbent,” the report concludes.  “Hof has successfully overtaken Oscarson as the favorite in this race by making voters aware of his record.”

That record includes breaking his word and voting for the largest tax hike in Nevada history – as well as 29 out of 32 other tax and fee hikes – in the 2015 legislative session.

“James Oscarson lied to us,” Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald stated flat-out at an event recently.  “The reason I say that is he voted for the Commerce Tax even though he ran promising not to raise taxes.  He needs to answer for that.  And he will when Republicans go to the polls in the primary and send him packing.”

“Historically, over 80 percent of incumbents get re-elected,” Hof concluded.  “But Mr. Oscarson is a serial tax-hiker who broke his word.  I won’t.  I’ve even put my promise in writing by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

“And that’s why we’re in a strong position to win an historic victory against a double-talking, tax-hiking incumbent – as long as betrayed Republicans get out and vote him out.”

The primary election is on June 12.  Early voting starts May 26.


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