Fun Time! Please Help Us Write Our New Campaign Ad…

(Team Hof) – In case you missed it, Trump adviser Roger Stone has re-scheduled his visit to Pahrump to headline a Friends of Hof campaign rally for Saturday, June 2nd.  Still finalizing details for time and place.  Will keep you posted.

In the meantime, Roger has referred to Dennis as the “Trump of Pahrump.”  Which got us thinking…

How are Donald Trump and Dennis Hof alike – and how are the two different from our opponent, Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson?

We’ve come up with an initial list to get the ball rolling and want your advice in finalizing it – additions or deletions and/or any changes – before designing our next new full-page newspaper ad.

Take a look and then shoot us any ideas…

Trump: Wrote a best-selling book
Hof: Wrote a best-selling book
Oscarson: Read a best-selling book about “Curious George”

Trump:  Born in 1946
Hof:  Born in 1946
Oscarson:  Thinks he was born in a manger

Trump: Successful businessman
Hof: Successful businessman
Oscarson: Accused of monkey business

Trump:  Political outsider
Hof: Political outsider
Oscarson: Card-carrying member of the GOP “establishment”

Trump: Star of award-winning TV reality show
Hof:  Star of award-winning TV reality show
Oscarson: Binge-watches re-runs of “Jersey Shore”

Trump: Lectured at Liberty University
Hof: Lectured at Oxford University
Oscarson: Lectured his kids to eat their peas

Trump:  Thinks Hillary should be locked up
Hof:  Thinks Hillary should be locked up
Oscarson: Has been locked up for assault at a kids’ hockey game

Trump: Signs front of paychecks
Hof: Signs front of paychecks
Oscarson: Signs back of lobbyists’ donation checks

Trump:  Supports cutting taxes
Hof:  Supports cutting taxes
Oscarson: Voted for largest tax hike in Nevada history

Trump:  Supports building The Wall
Hof:  Supports building The Wall
Oscarson:  Owns an 8-track tape of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” 

Trump:  Wants to drain the DC swamp
Hof: Wants to drain the Carson City swamp
Oscarson: Lives in the swamp next door to Shrek

Trump: Supports strong, independent, free-thinking women
Hof: Supports strong, independent, free-thinking women
Oscarson: Thinks women legislators should only speak when spoken to

Trump: Favorite planet is Mars
Hof: Favorite planet is Venus
Oscarson: Favorite planet is Uranus

Got any to add?  Think we should drop any?  Got any suggestions for changes?

Shoot an email to [email protected]

We’ll announce and release the final version when it’s finished in a follow-up email.

Thanks for your help!

P.S.  Remember, Grover Norquist and Jessica Johnson will be in Pahrump next Friday night for a campaign rally and “mass signing” of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  Click here for more details.

P.P.S.  Early voting starts on May 26.  Remember: “Vote early and vote often!”


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