Release: Hof Responds to GOP Caucus Snub


(Pahrump, Nevada) – Last night the Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus released a statement declaring that it “does not endorse or support any candidate in Assembly District 36.”  In response, the Republican nominee for that district, Dennis Hof, released the following statement…

“I neither asked for nor expected the caucus endorsement.  In fact, I’m absolutely thrilled NOT to get their support. 

“The Assembly Republican Caucus has been so inept for so long that it’s only been able to win the majority once in the last 33 years.  And the one time they did win the majority in 2015 they screwed it up by passing the largest tax hike in Nevada history.  

“In addition, these people have chosen as their leader a man who once actually said he’d vote to bring back slavery if that’s what his constituents wanted.  The same man, by the way, who urged me to run against Assemblyman Oscarson in the first place.

“Thank goodness I now can’t be tied to this group of political incompetence.  It would hurt my reputation!

“The Assembly Republican Caucus actively and aggressively worked against me in the primary.  As usual, they lost.  And they’re going to lose again in the general election because I have what they don’t: The support of the voters of Assembly District 36.

“And after I win in November, if the caucus members won’t let me to join in their ‘reindeer games,’ fine.  I’ll just form my own Lone Wolf Caucus and work with individual legislators from both sides of the aisle on issues of mutual agreement.

“And I guarantee our meetings will be a heckuva lot more fun than theirs!”

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