Campaign adviser Chuck Muth & Dennis Hof Celebrate “Yuge” Upset Victory

We did it!

Against all odds we had what Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Ramona Giwargis called “perhaps the biggest upset of the night” last night.

Your Tax Pledge-signer “fired” the Tax Hike

Not surprisingly, our victory made NATIONAL news.  A sampling (though other stories and media interviews are still being scheduled and conducted as we speak)…

  • Dennis Hof: A pimp, a brothel owner, a businessman and now GOP nominee in Nevada – Los Angeles Times
  • Nevada pimp ousts three-term lawmaker in Republican primaries – Fox News
  • Nevada Pimp Wins GOP Primary, Rejoices With Hollywood Madam – New York Times
  • Pimp Self-Styled as the “Trump of Pahrump” Wins Republican Primary in Nevada – Slate
  • Pimp Dennis Hof chosen by Republicans as candidate for Nevada state assembly seat – Independent (U.K.)
  • A Wild Conversation with the Pimp Who Won a Nevada Primary – Rolling Stone
  • Nevada pimp Dennis Hof wins GOP primary, ousts three-term lawmaker – CBS News
  • Nevada pimp wins GOP primary, rejoices with Hollywood madam – ABC News
  • Nevada pimp Dennis Hof wins GOP primary, thanks Trump – Mercury News
  • Republicans Nominate Bunny Ranch Brothel Owner for Nevada State Legislature – Newsweek
  • Dennis Hof, Nevada’s most famous pimp, wins GOP primary – MSN
  • Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof wins GOP primary for state assembly – New York Post
  • Nevada pimp wins GOP primary, rejoices with Hollywood madam – Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Dennis Hof, Nevada Brothel Owner And Reality TV Star, Wins GOP Primary For State Assembly – Huffington Post
  • Nevada pimp wins GOP primary, rejoices with Hollywood madam – Yahoo Finance
  • Nevada’s most famous pimp is probably going to become a state legislator – Vice News
  • Dennis Hof, brothel owner and pimp, wins Nevada GOP primary – PBS News Hour
  • Nevada pimp Dennis Hof wins GOP primary, ousts incumbent – Deseret News
  • Legal Pimp Dennis Hof Wins Republican Primary in Nevada – Daily Beast
  • Brothel owner Hof defeats incumbent in GOP Assembly primary – Las Vegas Review-Journal
  • Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof ousts Republican incumbent in state Assembly primary race – Reno Gazette-Journal
  • Brothel owner Hof upsets incumbent Oscarson in rural Nevada Assembly district – The Nevada Independent
  • The Guy Who Owns the Whorehouses on ‘Cathouse’ Won a Primary in Nevada – Barstool Sports
  • Dennis Hof Wins Republican Primary for Nevada Assembly Seat – XBIZ
  • Nevada pimp Dennis Hof wins GOP primary, ousts incumbent – Foster’s Daily Democrat

Notice a pattern?

Much like the tax-hiking RINO we beat Tuesday, everybody just wants to focus on “brothels” and “pimps.”  Guess what?  The voters of District 36 didn’t care!

They wanted someone to represent them who would keep their word, who wouldn’t be in the pockets of the Carson City special interests, who wouldn’t raise their taxes, who would fight for their gun and water rights, a businessman who knows how to create jobs, who supports President Trump’s efforts to make America great again, and who doesn’t give a hootin’ darn what the liberal “fake news” says.

Anyway, there are WAY too many people to single out and thank here…but thank you EVERYONE.

That said, our work isn’t done.

Yes, Republicans have a big voter registration advantage in District 36.  However, the Republican establishment and the Carson City special interests STILL want to block me from being “the people’s choice” in the 2019 Legislature.

In fact, Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt went on the radio this morning – not even nine hours after our primary victory – and announced he won’t support me in November!

So not only do we still have a fight against the Democrat candidate in the general election, but we’re STILL going to be fighting against some of our own Republicans.  Wonderful.

But that’s OK.  They threw everything but the kitchen sink at us in the primary and couldn’t take us out.  And no matter what they come at us with in the general, together we’re gonna win this thing and start the process of draining the Carson City swamp!

I won’t let you down.  Thank you again.  Onward…



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