When Bureaucrats Attack: If They Really Want to Get You, They Will!

(Dennis Hof | March 6, 2018) – You know that feeling you get when you look in your rearview mirror and see flashing police lights behind you? Deep down, even though you know you weren’t speeding or weaving between the lines, you also know that if police officers want to *find* something to ticket you for – they will.

The same thing happens all the time when you own a business. If you somehow get on the wrong side of a politician or bureaucrat, he or she can sic the government’s army of regulators and inspectors on you. And if they want to find something on you – they will.

Well, that’s exactly the nightmare I’ve been living ever since I decided to run for the Nevada State Legislature against serial tax-hiker Assemblyman James Oscarson.

I’ve been doing business in Nevada for over 27 years and in Nye County since 2010. Got my required licenses. Paid my taxes. Complied with regulations. Filled out mountains of paperwork. But if they really want to get you – they will.

For example, as the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported last May, Nye County officials admitted they “flubbed a report, which led to a wrongful accusation” that I had “violated several county codes” at one of my businesses.

So they “found” that a certain health notice sign was missing in just one of the rooms. $500 fine and six months probation. For a missing sign. On one door.

If they really want to get you – they will.

But like a dog on a bone, certain government politicians and bureaucrats wouldn’t let it go.

Last month, after seven years of lawfully operating the Love Ranch out in Crystal, suddenly Nye County officials found new “code violations.” And this time they shut our business down – at 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning! – putting two dozen workers who have done absolutely nothing wrong out of work.

Nye County Planning Director Darrell Lacy issued the order based on an allegation that we had violated the fire code.

According to a June 12, 2017 report issued by A-1 National Fire Company, the “Rangehood/Fire Suppression System” in our kitchen didn’t pass inspection. “Control head is missing original parts such as turn buckle and pin release,” the report states.

But here’s the thing…

That was for a separate business…a bar/restaurant…located a half-mile away…which wasn’t even open for business yet!

If they really want to get you – they will.

As for the Love Ranch itself, here’s what Mr. Lacy wrote…

“Planning has evidence of new installations, alterations and/or changes of occupancy since 2010, none of which were permitted or approved with a Manufactured Home Division install sticker or certificate of compliance with the fire code.”

But here’s the thing…

It’s not true.

Indeed, according to a February 28, 2018 story by Robin Hebrock of the Pahrump Valley Times, Lacy provided “no specifics on exactly what had been installed, altered or had seen a change in occupancy.”

In other words, no “evidence” whatsoever.

Indeed, to this day I still haven’t received an explanation of exactly what “modifications” were allegedly made to the buildings since 2010. Probably because aren’t any.

If they really want to get you – they will.

Hold on, though. It gets worse…

After Mr. Lacy ordered the Love Ranch closed, a news release issued by the Nye County sheriff’s office explained that Sheriff Sharon Wehrly “held off” because “There was confusion about the applicability of the laws and conflicting information given by” Mr. Lacy.

As such, “Sheriff Wehrly worked, at the fire marshal’s request, to negotiate a meeting with all parties involved” before actually shutting the business down and putting workers out of work.

“It was then decided,” Ms. Hebrock reported, “by several Nye County officials, including Wehrly, commission chairman John Koenig, Nye County District Attorney Angela Bello and Nye County Manager Tim Sutton, to postpone retrieval of the license until after a meeting with the Nevada state fire marshal could be had.”


Because according to State Fire Marshall Bart Chambers, he never told Mr. Lacy or anyone else that we were not in compliance!

But that wasn’t good enough for Nye County Commissioner Lorinda Wichman – who clearly has a dog in the fight, a bee in her bonnet and a burr under her saddle.

Ms. Wichman “disagreed with the proposal to wait” and “instructed Sheriff Wehrly to immediately close the (Love Ranch) without waiting to hear the results of the fire marshal’s meeting,” claiming it was “an emergency life safety and health issue and, as such, could not wait until Monday for action to be taken.”

Of course, there was absolutely no “emergency” whatsoever. Again, we’ve been open and operating 365 days a year since 2010 without incident or problem. Nevertheless, Commissioner Wichman threatened Sheriff Wehrly: Shut us down immediately…or else.

If they really want to get you – they will.

Given no choice, the sheriff pulled our license and shuttered our business. And as of today, the issue remains unresolved as we continue to meet with the state fire marshal and other government officials.

Folks, this isn’t about me. And it’s not about the brothel business which, I understand, a lot of people don’t like even though it’s legal. It’s about government bureaucrats and politicians who abuse their power to “get” someone they have a vendetta against for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens all the time. And most business owners are forced to suck it up and cave in to the government machine because “you can’t fight city hall.” It’s just too expensive, too aggravating and too time-consuming to fight back.

But I’m fighting back. Not just for me. But for every business owner and entrepreneur who has similarly been attacked and harassed by the “pencil pushers.”

Today I officially filed to run again for Assembly District 36.

Like President Trump, I’m running to reduce taxes, slash job-killing regulations and drain the swamp – in both Nye County and Carson City.

And when I’m elected next November, we’re going to fight like hell to put a leash on these out-of-control, power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats.

If I can get you – I will.


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