The Mind-Blowing Tax-Hiking Record James Oscarson Doesn’t Want You to See

Assemblyman James Oscarson was first elected in 2012 for the Assembly District 36 (Nye/Lincoln/Clark counties) seat.  During the campaign, he clearly stated: “Nevada families cannot afford to have their taxes and fees raised during this time.”

Oscarson was elected on that campaign promise – but broke it just three months later when he voted for SB475, a $600 million tax hike!

Oscarson then ran for re-election in 2014…and again promised he wouldn’t raise taxes.  Then broke his word AGAIN in the 2015 session by voting for the largest tax hike in Nevada history!

In fact, according to Assemblyman Ira Hansen, Oscarson was the DECIDING VOTE that enabled that $1.2 billion tax hike – an accusation confirmed by the conservative Nevada Policy Research Institute.As if that wasn’t bad enough, Oscarson also voted for a total of 29 out of 32 proposed tax/fee hikes during the same session!

  1. Assembly Bill 78 – Increased the tax on hunting license applications
  2. Assembly Bill 85 – Increased the tax on alcohol, drug and gambling counselors
  3. Assembly Bill 115 – Increased the tax on certain healthcare providers
  4. Assembly Bill 132 – Increased the tax on dissolving a domestic partnership
  5. Assembly Bill 191 – Increased the tax on fuels for motor vehicles
  6. Assembly Bill 231 – Increased the tax on chiropractors
  7. Assembly Bill 246 – Increased the tax on “shampoo technologists”
  8. Assembly Bill 258 – Created a tax on internet “crowd-funding”
  9. Assembly Bill 268 – Created a tax on babysitters for foster children
  10. Assembly Bill 325 – Created a tax on “professional guardians”
  11. Assembly Bill 380 – Requires the collection of sales taxes on internet purchases
  12. Assembly Bill 478 – Increased taxes on developers
  13. Assembly Bill 480 – Increased taxes on mortgage brokers
  14. Assembly Bill 484 – Increased various DMV taxes
  15. Senate Bill 38 – Increased taxes on day/night clubs
  16. Senate Bill 44 – Increased taxes on oil or natural gas production
  17. Senate Bill 312 – Raised room taxes on certain hotels in Reno
  18. Senate Bill 370 – Increased taxes for barbers
  19. Senate Bill 388 – Increased taxes for divorces
  20. Senate Bill 395 – Increased Clark County tax for for marriage licenses.
  21. Senate Bill 404 – Created a new tax for licensing a moped
  22. Senate Bill 411 – Allows increases on room taxes, vehicle registration taxes, real property transfer taxes, sales/use taxes and property taxes
  23. Senate Bill 476 – Allows a “conservation district” to raise property taxes
  24. Senate Bill 483 – Made the “sunsets” permanent, along with other tax hikes
  25. Senate Bill 483 (amendment) – Added the “commerce tax” to the bill
  26. Senate Bill 488 – Created a new tax for certain veterinary products
  27. Senate Bill 489 – Imposed an license tax on “peer support recovery organizations”
  28. Senate Bill 498 – Created a tax on community health workers
  29. Senate Bill 502 – Increased taxes paid to the DMV on all transactions

Which brings to mind what Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, says about “rathead” Republicans who vote for tax hikes…

“Raising taxes is a sign of incompetence in a politician. He/she cannot manage. A willingness to raise taxes is telegraphing such failure.”

James Oscarson has failed us miserably.  If re-elected, this serial tax-hiker will raise your taxes…again.  And again.  And again.  No matter what he “says.”

I won’t.  And you have my pledge IN WRITING.

If you want your taxes to go up, vote for James.  If you want them to go down, vote for Hof!


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