Fighting Words to Live and Campaign By in the Stone Zone

(Team Hof) – Roger Stone – author, campaign strategist and adviser to presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump – came to Pahrump on June 2nd to headline a rally for conservative Republican Assembly District 36 candidate Dennis Hof.

The speech was electric, especially these closing remarks…

“In life, when things don’t go your way.  When you are knocked down.  When you are defeated.  When you come up short again and again.  That’s the time you need to get up off the mat, dust yourself off and get back in the game.

“The story of Richard Nixon is a story of resilience.  It’s a story of persistence.  It’s an American story.  It’s a story of indestructibility. 

“That’s the kind of man Dennis Hof is.  A fighter.  A truth-teller.  A man of the people.  Which is why I’m honored to be here to speak on his behalf.

“And I urge every one of you.  Scour every nook and cranny of this district.  Get out every single vote.  Do not fall short by a vote or two.  Talk to your friends. Ask your friends to talk to their friends.  And victory will be yours.”

Roger’s “every vote counts” in what’s expected to be a close race in our campaign to unseat Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson is not just some lame scare tactic.  It’s happened before.  Surprisingly often.  Right here in Nevada…

  • In 1972, Dorothy Wilson and Billy Weyer tied in a Justice of the Peace election.
  • In 1978, Marshall Bouvier defeated Leonard Howard by just two votes in a Story County district attorney race.
  • In 1982, Charlotte Crutchley and Dorothy Moyle ended up tied in a Eureka County race for country clerk
  • In 1996, Anne de Martini lost a Republican primary election for State Assembly by six votes to Jeff Knight.  But there was a voting error and they had to do a special election, which de Martini won by one vote.
  • In 2002, Republican Dee Honeycutt defeated Democrat R.J. Gillum by just two votes for Esmeralda County Commission.
  • In 2004, White Pine County commissioner candidates Robert Swetich and Raymond Urrizaga each received 1,847 votes.
  • In 2008, there were two ties between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; one in Genoa and the other in Zephyr Cove.
  • That same year, Chris Sewell and Kim Toulouse each got 1,839 votes in a race for the Verdi TV District Board
  • In 2010, Nye County Commissioner Butch Borasky and challenger Carl Moore, Sr. tied
  • That same year, Jackie Berg beat Carrie Wright by three votes in another Eureka County race for county clerk
  • In 2011, Tanya Flanagan and Linda Meisenheimer tied in a North Las Vegas city council primary.
  • In 2014, Randy Kirner defeated Lisa Krasner by just eleven votes in a State Assembly race in Reno.
  • In 2011, Wade Wagner beat Richard Cherchio by one vote in a city council race in North Las Vegas.

So as complicated as campaigns often seem, they’re actually just this simple…

If you show up and vote, we win.  If you don’t, we won’t.

So get out there and vote.  Vote early.  And vote often – by encouraging friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to VOTE HOF!


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