Hof’s 5-Star Reviews are In!

“Raising taxes is what weak politicians do instead of the hard work of making tough spending choices.  Assemblyman Oscarson took the easy way out and voted for the largest tax hike in Nevada history.  His opponent, Dennis Hof, has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and will keep his word to the voters he represents.  This choice is a no-brainer.” – Grover Norquist, president, Americans for Tax Reform

“We need more successful, independent businessmen in the Nevada Legislature.  That’s why I’m supporting Dennis Hof one thousand percent!” – Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore

“As the former Assembly representative of District 36, I couldn’t be more disappointed in my successor, James Oscarson.  So I wholeheartedly endorse Dennis Hof for this seat!” – Ed Goedhart

“As the longtime owner of several businesses in southern Nevada – including the Longstreet Inn and Casino in Amargosa Valley – I know a successful entrepreneur when I see one.  And Dennis Hof is just that.  We need more like him in the Legislature.” – Jim Marsh

“I’m endorsing Dennis Hof for Assembly District 36 because he represents citizens and business owners in a responsible way!  He listens and cares about home and land owners in our area.  Most of all he’s approachable!  Thank you Dennis!  You’ve got my vote on June 12.” – Kay LaPoint

“I am 74 years old and have been in Nevada since 1963.  I really pay attention to politics and have never missed an election.  Each year I feel abused by politicians like Assemblyman James Oscarson.  I’m supporting Dennis Hof!” – Pat Weatherman

“I’m 75 years old and have never complained about a brothel.  I’m a woman and so are many of my friends who want you to win.   You’ve had my vote since day one and a nasty billboard against you will not change my mind.” – Diane Peariso

“I support Dennis Hof for Assemblyman in District 36 because of his honesty, integrity, work ethics, and business experience.  He has been a rural businessman and has first-hand knowledge of rural issues dealing with well-owners, the BLM, and tax hikes.  Dennis will fight for us in the Assembly!!” – Ammie Nelson

“I’m voting for Mr. Hof because he is honest and not OWNED by anyone.  My friends and I already know how much he does for our wild horses and burros and we are sure he will be an asset for our domestic pets and all our disadvantage children.  He also stays awake at meetings and will acknowledge your existence.” – Susan Cronin

“I want a person true to their word.  We already know that Oscarson has lied and deceived us.  People say, ‘Well Hof may do the same.’  Really?  Give the man a chance.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  You already know the other’s track record.” – Janice Cullen

“James Oscarson is a total liar and has all the big money behind him.  Why?  Because he screws the average voter.  Dennis Hof is a very successful businessman.  He knows how to make money and he knows how to spend it properly.  He is honest about what he does for a living.  He is not a liar.” – Curtis Mick

“The tax hikers had their chance.  It’s time for voters to take the kid gloves off at the polls.  Let’s make this primary a swamp-drainer.  Vote Hof!” – Denise Mraz

“I truly hope you win as you are for entrepreneurs and is for the people.  You’ve got my vote, as well as your brochures at my facility!” – Justin Curnutt

“I whole-heartedly endorse Dennis Hof for the Nevada State Assembly.  He will be a citizen legislator, not a career politician.  He will be beholden to the most important special interest group: The electorate.  No other candidate comes close to being as qualified as Mr. Hof.” – David Perlman

“Mr. Hof is the best man for the job.  He has integrity and honesty and he’s for the people.” – David Spratt

“Dennis, I am just letting you know that I am behind you 100%.  Keep up the good fight.  There are more people backing you as everyone I speak to is ready for a change for more honest Government.  You’re the man.  My vote is yours.” – Cliff Alexander

“I will do my best to help get you elected.  You ooze honesty and trustworthiness.  A genuine good guy!” – Barb Green

“I endorse Dennis Hof for Assembly District 36.  I like his straight-forward, no bull approach.  He has years of experience as a successful businessman and will bring a good solid voice to our State Assembly.  I am a senior citizen and feel he is looking out for me and others like me.” – Carol A. Curtis

“I will never forget who sold out Nevada voters by voting for the largest tax hike in Nevada’s history.  So I’m 100% supporting Dennis Hof, a man of principle and no BS.” – Sergio Pastor

“As the former Republican National Committeeman for Nevada, I am pleased and honored to endorse the only true conservative in the race for Assembly District 36.  That person is Dennis Hof.  I trust Dennis to hold the line on taxes and regulations and be the kind of leader we need in Carson City.” – James Smack

“In this election I will be supporting Dennis Hof.  Dennis is an astute businessman and I believe he will greatly assist the small business community in Nevada. He is approachable and takes a sincere interest in our state problems.” – Dr. Peter J. Shield, PhD

“Why do I support Dennis Hof?  Well, Dennis, unlike MOST politicians, is COMPLETELY honest and tells the truth without regard to ‘political correctness .’  He is running to serve voters, NOT to further himself personally or to serve his own ambitions!  Dennis is the kind of politician we desperately NEED!” – Frank Antonacci

“Assemblyman James Oscarson promised my wife and I he would never raise taxes.  He did just the opposite.  As a result he was ousted from the Republican Party.  A vote for Dennis Hof is a vote for taxpayers and also a vote for our veterans and the handicapped.” – Mr. and Mrs. Daniel LeVar

“Dennis Hof is the last, best hope for taxpayers in Assembly District 36.  Dennis is committed to reversing the Commerce Tax, pursuing legitimate education reform and re-establishing Nevada as the best place in the world to live and do business.” – Geoffrey Lawrence

“Dennis Hof is talks in plain English and knows less government is usually a better solution than government telling you how to run your life.  I have known Dennis for over 25 years.  The care and love he has for all of his constituents is second to none.” – Jay Meyer

“I’ve known and worked with Dennis for over 15 years and have never known him to be anything other than fair, highly competent, and trying to do what’s best and efficient for his business. I look forward to when he takes that same mentality to Carson City.” – Ernie Mayhorn

“I’ve known Dennis for almost 40 years and he’s one of my best friends.  He empowers the women who work for him to control their own lives and destinies.  He’s also one of the kindest, most generous men I’ve had the pleasure to know in celebrity circles.”   – Bob Zmuda, founder of Comic Relief

“I worked for Dennis for almost 20 years.  I still hear from him on my birthdays and on Christmas.  He always sends me a card and a generous check.  How many bosses do that?  How many former bosses?” – Judy Gloria


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