If You Want Government to Run Like a Business, Elect More Business Owners

(Dennis Hof) – For years conservatives have said government should be run like a business – primarily meaning fiscal responsibility and high-quality customer service, both of which are seriously lacking at all levels of government.

And for years liberals have been telling us that government is different and can’t be run like a business.  But President Donald Trump is proving them wrong.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal published an excellent editorial on this subject on Independence Day which included the following…

“Many of today’s politicians pretend there’s some mystery about why the American economy struggled in recent years but has rebounded somewhat recently. What mystery?

“Americans are an entrepreneurial people. Many of today’s most successful corporations started as mom-and-pop operations, or with a couple of tinkerers building computers in a garage.

“But talk to anyone who’s tried to set up such a business. It requires a wall full of licenses and permits, none of which comes in a Cracker Jack box. The would-be entrepreneur is indeed ‘swarmed’ with regulators, inspectors and tax men. And boatloads more regulations arrive once you dare open your shop and hire an employee.

“President Donald Trump’s efforts to roll back the administrative state have been a welcome development in this regard.”

The problem isn’t that government can’t be run like a business, but that the people running the government aren’t business owners.  Too many lawyers and government employees.

As a longtime business owner I’ve seen first-hand how government gets in the way of entrepreneurs trying to start and grow their businesses, as well as create good, well-paying private sector jobs.

I’ve also suffered the consequences when certain bureaucrats and elected officials get mad at you and “weaponize” government regulations and inspections.

I’ve also seen how government passes laws that favor one business over another – what’s called “crony capitalism” – especially in giving huge tax breaks to out-of-state companies that move here while longtime Nevada businesses get nothing.

Actually, it’s even worse than that.  Not only don’t most Nevada companies get the same tax breaks handed to favored companies such as Tesla and Switch, the Nevada Legislature in 2015 PUNISHED Nevada companies by socking them with a new “Commerce Tax.”

All of this needs to stop.

The voters of Assembly District 36 need more jobs.  Different jobs.  Better jobs.  That means electing an experienced, successful, job-creating businessman, not another government worker.

My opponent in November is a career government employee.  She’s never created a single job.  She’s never signed the front of a paycheck.  She’s never faced that “swarm” of government regulators, inspectors and tax men.  She’s not the solution.  She’s actually part of the problem.

If you want things to change in Carson City the way President Trump is changing things in Washington, DC; if you want government to run more like a business; if you want to make Nevada NEVADA again, then you need to send a businessman to the state Assembly.

As such, I hope you’ll consider casting your ballot for Dennis Hof in November.

Mr. Hof is a successful Nevada businessman, author, philanthropist, star of an award-winning reality TV series on HBO and president of the Home of Freedom PAC.  He’s running for Nevada’s Assembly District 36 seat.  He can be reached at DennisHof.com


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