PVT: Oscarson, Hof, Bradley seek Assembly seat

(EXCERPT: Robin Hebrock | Pahrump Valley Times)Dennis Hof

Nevada businessman Dennis Hof is perhaps best known for his brothel empire but now he is looking to add another title to his resume, that of Nevada assemblyman. Hof originally embarked on his political journey in 2016 when he ran against incumbent James Oscarson under the Libertarian ticket and ultimately came away with just under 40 percent of the total vote. This year, Hof is running as a Republican and is hoping the change will help give him the votes he needs to oust Oscarson.

“I have been doing business in Nevada for 42 years and own 28 businesses, including restaurants, apartment complexes, convenience stores, gas stations and brothels,” Hof stated. “The reason I am running is because I can’t trust our government, I can’t trust our leadership anymore because our current assemblyman has turned into a RINO, a Republican in Name Only.” Hof touched on Oscarson’s ex-communication from the Nye GOP as well as his record of voting in favor of taxes, including the largest tax hike in Nevada history, the Nevada Commerce Tax.

As such, repealing the “Oscarson Commerce Tax” as Hof has dubbed it, would be his first goal. Fighting to protect domestic well owners while also working with water rights holders for controlled growth would be key as well.

“I feel like in light of the report from USA Today that says our district has a 17 percent poverty rate, our unemployment rate that is 50 percent higher than the rest of the nation and our population growth has gone backwards two percent in the last five years, it has to change,” Hof concluded. “What we need in the Legislature is business people. We have proven that with President Trump. Business people make good business decisions. I think I can do the job better than someone who spent his life signing the back of paychecks. I sign the front of paychecks, I make things happen. I have employed over 10,000 people in the last 42 years and have had tremendous success and now, the new chapter in my life is to give back to the district and the state that I love so much.”

Voters can learn more about Hof at www.dennishof.com

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