Hofington Post: May 25, 2018


In yesterday’s Hofington Post, I noted the latest $121,000+ in special interest donations my opponent, Assemblyman James The Big Selloutski” Oscarson, has pocketed in his increasingly dirty campaign to stay in office.

Now, this morning comes a new story in the Nevada Independent that one of the biggest of the big special interests, the pharmaceutical industry, “is quietly inserting itself into Nevada’s 2018 legislative races through a political action committee it created last year to fight a diabetes drug pricing transparency bill.”

According to the report, the Big PhRMA PAC is “running Facebook ads this week on behalf of 10 Republican and Democratic candidates for both the state Senate and Assembly.”

Among the candidates Big PhRMA is coming to the rescue for:  James Oscarson.

The Indy reports that Big PhRMA “has doled out $443,348 to (three) local consulting firms” – each of which has deep ties to Democrats and/or Nevada’s Republican “establishment.”

Birds of a feather…


Other than the fact that Oscarson is a professional nurse, why would the health care industry lobby be pulling out all the stops for this “sell out”?

Well, maybe because he voted for the bill (AB507) which approved the ObamaCare expansion of Medicaid in Nevada, as well as the bill (AB138) which required new businesses moving to Nevada to comply with ObamaCare mandates in order to receive tax breaks.

He also voted for another bill (AB425) which funded those “navigators” who were paid to sign up Nevadans for ObamaCare.  Among those navigators who got a taxpayer windfall for selling ObamaCare: The Ramirez Group.

The Ramirez Group, in case you missed it, was headed by a big-time former staffer for Sen. Harry Reid and named in the indictment of disgraced former Las Vegas City Councilman Ricki Barlow who was forced to resign for stealing campaign contributions in a kickback scandal.

Birds of a feather…


In other news, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported today that Tommy White, the head of the Laborers Local 872 union in Las Vegas, has been caught lying repeatedly on social media about a Clark County commission candidate because of the candidate’s opposition to the Las Vegas stadium deal.

What’s interesting about this is that I’ve been told Mr. White was secretly behind a sleazy “dirty tricks” mail campaign against us in the 2016 election and is supporting Oscarson – despite the fact that Oscarson ALSO voted against the stadium deal and all the jobs the project is creating for union workers.

I wonder what deal The Big Selloutski cut with this unscrupulous labor leader to buy his support?


Lastly, our humorous full-page “Trump of Pahrump” newspaper ad that a number of you helped us craft is published in today’s Pahrump Valley Times.  Click here to take a look at your final version.

Remember, Early Voting starts TOMORROW.  Vote early and vote often!


P.S.  In response to Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald’s letter this week slamming Oscarson for all the false allegations his attack dogs have leveled against us – in addition to pointing out that Ocarson was a #NeverTrumper and has been AWOL from party activities for all the years he’s been in office – Oscarson’s supporters are now in overdrive…

Attacking McDonald.

Typical “swamp” behavior.  If you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger.


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