Women for HOF

“As a woman, I stand with YOU!” – Sharon T. Gustavson

Roxanne Price & Kay LaPointe

“I moved to Nevada 17 years ago by choice and have seen this great state slowly sink into California East. I do not like it at all. Please go shake them up.” – Bettye Lemon

Laura Graham, Kathleen Roth & Bonnie Brown

“I endorse Dennis Hof for Assembly District 36.  I like his straight-forward, no bull approach.  He has years of experience as a successful businessman and will bring a good solid voice to our State Assembly.  I am a senior citizen and feel he is looking out for me and others like me.” – Carol A. Curtis

Renae Goedhart

“I’m 75 years old and have never complained about a brothel.  I’m a woman and so are many of my friends who want you to win.   You’ve had my vote since day one.” – Diane Peariso

Donna Cox, Tina Trenner & Deborah Strickland

“I worked for Dennis for almost twenty years – first doing his banking and then booking his travel. I still hear from him on my birthdays and on Christmas. He always sends me a card and a generous check. How many bosses do that? How many former bosses?” – Judy Gloria, Former Hof Bookeeper

Carol Bushart

“I support Dennis Hof for Assemblyman in District 36 because of his honesty, integrity, work ethics, and business experience.  He has been a rural businessman and has first-hand knowledge of rural issues dealing with well-owners, the BLM, and tax hikes.  I endorse Dennis Hof because he is listening and will fight for us in the Assembly!!” – Ammie Nelson

Leah Aldrich

“I will vote for Mr. Hof. I believe he has Nevada’s best interest at heart. I don’t care what his business is. .I am not here to judge. I want a good state to live in and I believe Hof will help all of us.” – Jeanette Wardwell

Karen Williams

“I just met Dennis Hof today. I am a Dem, but I will vote for this man. He was a really genuine person. Happy to meet him!!!!” – Sundee Deker

Sharry Starbuck

“Dennis, you have our votes. We voted for you in the primary and will be there in November. Good Luck.” – Sharon Dlugi

Shirley Kempken

“We voted for you (in the primary), Dennis! And we are voting for you again!” – Kathleen Charlton

Priscilla Lane

“Met him at the Trump rally in Pahrump. He has my vote.” – JoAnn Jette Jones

Andra Braden

Paula Rooks

Carol Carpenter

Joan Yokley & Marion Smalls

Virginia Clark

Sally Tribble

Constance Sloan

Tiffany Lippitt

Robbyn Gibbons

Susan Cronin

Janice Cullen

Gisela Thoma

Eileen Prudhont

Kathleen Roth & Laura Graham

Regina Zeitlin

Pepper Jay


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